Pokies – Finding The Best Pokies Online

This Pokies site is a guide for those who want to find the best online pokies online. No matter if you want to play online pokies for free or real money we have found the right online pokies sites for you such as Caesars Casino.

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Pokies are very popular in Australia and New Zealand although in other parts of the world pokies are known as either slot machines, fruit machines or in the US simply as slots.

Pokies have evolved immensely over the last few years with most popular live pokies now available in an online version. Pokies have evolved from basic 3-reel machines with basic nudge features to 5-reel video machines with bonus rounds more like arcade machines. Most modern pokies have scatter and wild options and jackpots which can run into millions.

Where to Play Online Pokies

If you are looking to play online pokies then we strongly suggest at first you try free play versions simply to get use to all the options and of course the bonus features. Two great sites that offer a superb range of online pokies are Casino Wonga and Bingo Wonga. Both sites offer a great range of the latest online pokies with no deposit or download required. For real money play try Virgin Bingo.

If you are looking to play pokies for real money then you should try Sky Vegas as they are offering all new sign ups £5 free with no deposit required. Also of note is the fact that Sky Bingo have a great range of the latest online pokies.

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Caesars Bingo Tell You To BOGOF

Manners may be less common in the current era but a bit of politeness doesn’t cost and it can often be the best way to go about your business. Ordinarily, if someone told you to get lost or get out of the way you wouldn’t be too happy but if an online bingo sites tells you to BOGOF, it may well be the best thing that happens to you all day. This is because BOGOF stands for Buy One Get One Free and you can see why this would be so great for online bingo players. Caesars Bingo provide a BOGOF promotion for their players at various points during the week so if you want some extra bingo fun for your money, you know which site to use.

There are a good number of promotions and bonuses on offer at the Caesars Bingo site. In addition to the BOGOF one, you should find that there is a pleasant no deposit bingo bonus on offer to players signing up for the site plus also free bingo. Anything that gives you more money to explore the site and see what it has to offer has to be considered a good thing and this is exactly what this type of offer provides. Knowing that you can see for yourself what a site provides brings peace of mind for many bingo players.

However, the no deposit bonus will soon be used up which means that players are looking for on-going bingo bonuses. The bingo directory is littered with great bingo sites that provide plenty of reasons for players to come back on a regular basis and the Caesars Bingo site manages to stand out from the crowd. If you like the idea of getting a BOGOF offer when you play bingo, this is one site that you need to add to your portfolio.

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Paddy Power Bingo

Paddy Power Bingo brings the excitement of bingo and gaming into your very own home, bringing with it a wonderful virtual seaside setting where you can play all of your favourite games.  This is a hip and modern site with plenty of information and graphics to make your experience a more lively and memorable one. It is also ideal for those that want to enjoy their gaming in an exciting online environment rather than having to get dressed and go out to have fun. When you play at Paddy Power Bingo you can enjoy the games you love wherever and whenever you want.

Usability of Paddy Power Bingo

The Paddy Power Bingo site is well designed, easy on the eye and a fun place to be. You will find that navigation of this site is simple and quick, so you can get around to the different areas of the site without any problems. You will also find that registering at Paddy Power Bingo is a fast and simple process, which makes it easier to start enjoying all the fun and entertainment that the site has to offer. The links on the homepage will help you to find your way around and you can also access important information such as payment methods and games information from the homepage.

Choice of games at Paddy Power Bingo

The great choice of games that can be found at Paddy Power Bingo means that there is something to suit most tastes and preferences, with entertainment that will keep you busy no matter what sorts of games you like to play. With 75 ball and 90 ball bingo available you can enjoy all the bingo excitement you want on this site. However, on top of the thrill of bingo you also have access to a wide range of other games such as team bingo, slots, super slots, instant games, video poker and table games.

Incentives offered by Paddy Power Bingo

There are a number of great incentives and promotions that are offered at Paddy Power Bingo, which can help to make your time playing here more fun and more exciting. Some of the incentives and promotions that you can look forward to when you play at Paddy Power Bingo include free bingo games, a great first deposit bonus, Happy Hour, a very good loyalty programme, weekend promotions and more.

Payment methods available with Paddy Power Bingo

A great choice of payment methods is available at Paddy Power Bingo, and this includes credit card, debit card, Switch, Solo, Paypal, UKash, Neteller and paysafecard amongst others.

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Pick Your Lottery Numbers for Your Chance to Win Big!

Picking your lottery numbers is something of an art for some players in the lotto. Players select their numbers in a variety of ways such as family birthdays or special anniversaries. The lotto numbers that you select have significance to you and can bring you the big jackpot if luck is on your side. Some special tricks for picking your numbers can make the lotto a great deal more fun for you.

Once you have your lottery numbers selected, you might choose to stick with those numbers for every game you play. Imagine how you would feel if your special numbers were the winning combination and you played a different set of numbers. It’s part of the fun of playing the lotto.

The lotto numbers you select could bring the big jackpot to you, but in the meantime, it can be a wonderful few days waiting for the drawing and dreaming about your winnings. In fact, that’s probably the best part of playing your lottery numbers. The moments before the drawing pondering how you would spend all that cash if your lotto numbers are chosen.

Pick your own special way to choose your lotto numbers. Develop your own unique way to determine which combination of numbers you will use for the big prize such as adding up the ages of your children and selecting each number in the result for your lottery numbers. There are endless combinations or methods that you can use to select your winning lotto numbers.

The lotto numbers you select are not the most important part of playing the game. It’s a game of chance, after all, but playing numbers that are unique to you let you have a little fun while you wait for the big draw. Choose your lottery numbers in any way you want to make the game as much fun as possible. One thing is for sure, you never want to see your lotto numbers in the draw if you have not purchased your tickets for the game. It’s worth the price of admission to buy a ticket and dream big.

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Casinos for the Modern Times

Online casino sites such as Caesars Casino and free sites like  Casino Wonga and others offer the excitement and adventure of a real casino without having to leave the house. Many folks have enjoyed casino games such as slot machines, table games and roulette for years, but today, everyone can get in on the action with online casino sites. Instead of planning a trip to the casinos for some high stakes fun, virtual sites allow you to play at home for cash prizes and big winnings just like you will find in a real world casino. The casinos of today offer free slot machines for new players and those who don’t want to risk any money and high stakes games for those who like a little excitement in their online game playing.

Just like everything else in society, the Internet has provided an online version of the games people have been enjoying for years. The sites such as Casino Wonga have created a software platform that delivers the exciting sights and sounds of a real casino for those who don’t have an opportunity to visit a real casino. This has opened the doors for many more people to experience casino games and cash in on some big winnings. The sites have many more games available than a traditional casino as well. For example, you can choose one of multiple slot machines on an online site. Choose free slot machines to get started and then when you are ready, you can play for real cash. That is something you will not find in a real casino.

The sites also feature multiple games of poker and video poker with the opportunity to sit down at a virtual table and play at any time of the day or night. Sites like Casino Wonga feature all your favourite casino games such as slot machines, roulette and blackjack with the click of a mouse.

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The Online Gaming Community with Online Roulette

Community is one of the perks of playing free roulette in a virtual casino. The community of players give you a chance to chat with others from around the world as you all enjoy the opportunity to win a big prize. For many players on online sites, one of the biggest advantages is the ability to make new friends and join the community of players on sites like Jackpot 247.

Online gaming sites that offer online roulette have some of the warmest groups of players chatting it up in the rooms. The players cheer each other on, discuss the game and share in the opportunity to win some great prizes. Joining the community is as easy as signing up for an account. Once you begin to play roulette, you can stop in to see what everyone is chatting about in the chat rooms and chat games. It is a fun way to get some tips, answer questions for new players and develop a sense of community. Interactive games featured on live television is available on Jackpot 247 as well.

The folks you will meet in the online chat rooms while you enjoy a game or two of online roulette all share a common interest with you. That is a love of online gaming. If you want to explore a new game that you have never played before, find out all the info and facts from your fellow online players before you head off to the tables or games on sites like Jackpot 247. Free roulette is a fast and exciting game that has quite a following of online enthusiasts. Join the community and find out what all the excitement is about when you play roulette online.

While many sites offer sign up bonuses, giant progressive jackpots, free roulette and much more, it is the community of players that will enhance the online experience. Take the time to explore the games and play roulette with the many players who are out there waiting to welcome you with open arms. Play with the live television programming with Jackpot 247.

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Does Online UK Bingo Really Pay Cash and Prizes?

Usually, when you see something online that tells you that you can win a great deal of cash or the latest technology items and gift cards, you know that filling out your information is more than likely going to instead result in someone either sending you spam messages or possibly even trying to spend your hard earned money.  Yet there are plenty of ways to legitimately earn cash and prizes online.  There are numerous online game sites that pay real cash and prizes.  So what about online bingo halls?  Are these really legitimate options, and if so, do you really have a chance at all of winning?

The truth of the matter is that there is a surprising number of fun, fantastic, and highly reputable online bingo halls aimed specifically at UK players.  Brits Bingo is certainly one of the most popular, as are Bucky Bingo and Bet365 Bingo, both of which have been featured on TV.  These halls have tons of players, and more importantly, they have paid out hundreds of thousands of pounds in cash and prizes to people who have played their games.  Each bingo game offers a cash prize, including many of the free play games on offer, and there are also side games that offer chances for huge prizes and progressive jackpots.

If you are feeling sceptical about online bingo, it can help to research the bingo hall you are considering.  You will find that the best halls will have thousands of players and offer great prizes throughout the day.  They will also make their terms clear, as well as the ways they protect your financial information.  The bottom line is that reputable online UK bingo halls absolutely pay in real life cash and prizes, and when you find a game with the right number of players, you will find the perfect combination of great odds and great payouts.

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A Look at Online Bingo Games

What do you think of when you first think about bingo?  Do you think about a crowded bingo hall where you aren’t allowed to talk during games and where you spend far too much time trying to get a simple straight line?  If so, you are definitely playing the wrong bingo!  Did you know that online UK bingo offers you the chance to win your share of millions of pounds in prizes and offers you games that are actually fun and exciting?  Did you know that when you play online, chatting with fellow players is always an option?  If not, it is time that you start looking into this great game.

Online bingo is much like traditional bingo in that you can still play 75, 80, or 90 balls and that your goal is still to be the first to complete a pattern in order to win money.  But the similarities start to end here.  With online bingo halls like those at City Bingo, Costa Bingo, and Jackpotjoy, you will find that there are always multiple games going on at once.  That means that you can choose the room that you want to be in, the amount you want to spend per card, and the prize that you want to play for.  You can see how many people are in a room to determine your odds or play your chances and pick the games with the biggest prizes.  Games are inexpensive to play, and most sites give huge bonuses for your first deposit.

When you opt for online bingo, you will find that there are fun patterns to make.  Better still, if you like to play a large number of cards but worry that you might miss a number or potential bingo, you can set your cards to automatically daub numbers and to tell you when you get a successful bingo.  Online bingo offers something fantastic for everyone, and with so many prizes to be won, there is little wonder why it has become so popular.

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What to Look for in an Online Bingo Site

Given the staggering number of online bingo sites users have to choose from, deciding where to play can be overwhelming. From free sites like Bingo Giving to pay-for-play sites like Sun Bingo, the online bingo community is populated by a wide variety of sites, catering to the entire gamut of bingo enthusiasts, from amateur enthusiasts to semi-professional players.  Before you sign up with an online bingo site, consider these factors to help decide which site is right for you.


Cost is, of course, a determining factor in deciding which online bingo site you’ll use.  Even though it can be tempting to start with one of the “free” bingo sites, these platforms are often mediocre at best, and offer little value to players.  In contrast, many of the mainstream, subscription-based bingo sites offer free bingo credits for new users.  Some even allow users to gain additional credits for games played, length of membership, and other milestones.


Decide how interactive you’d like your online bingo experience to be.  Many online bingo halls offer players a range of add-ons to enhance their playing experience, from high-definition graphics to streaming audio and user chat functions. There are even some sites that allow the use of bingocams, live cameras which make you feel like you’re right in the bingo hall.  Not all bingo players enjoy this level of interactivity, however.  If you prefer a more private bingo experience, make sure any features like bingo cams or user chats can be easily disabled.  Also make sure that the website has a comprehensive privacy policy and flexible user settings.


Of course, one of the primary motivating factors in joining any bingo tournament is the payout.  Much like traditional bingo, online bingo offers an enormous range of payout levels.  Some sites like Bingo Hollywood only offer winners credits for additional play, while others, like Sun Bingo, frequently offer payouts worth thousands of dollars.  Remember that while it can be tempting to jump into a high paying tournament, these games draw a huge amount of attention, meaning your odds of winning are quite low.  Entering a tournament with a lower payout can sometimes increase your chances.

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Playing Bingo from the Comfort of Your Home

Online bingo sites such as Dream Bingo and Blue Square Bingo give you the chance to meet new friends and enjoy your favourite game all from the comfort of your own home. Enjoy the excitement of real bingo for real money without stepping foot out of your front door with Boyle Bingo.

If you love the excitement of playing bingo, now you can play any hour of the day or night with an online bingo site. Online sites are always open, with exciting events and games ready to play at any hour you choose to play. When you play online bingo, you can snuggle up in your favourite chair and play to your heart’s content.

The online bingo sites provide just as much excitement as playing in a bingo hall. Tournaments, big jackpot games and progressive jackpots are all there for you to enjoy on Dream Bingo, Blue Square Bingo and Boyle Bingo. For those who enjoy the side games, play slots, scratch cards and instant games while you wait for the next bingo game to start. There is always something to play with an online site.

Are you looking for free games with real cash prizes? Boyle Bingo has a great selection of risk free bingo games for you to play without risking any of your own money. For those with a favourite bingo game to play, Dream Bingo features 75 and 90 ball bingo for those with a preference. You can also super-size your prizes when you choose Blue Square Bingo for your gaming fun.

It’s all right there for you to enjoy from the comfort of your home with online bingo games. Promotions, supersize jackpots, free games and much more are all there for you to enjoy without leaving the house. Settle in for a night of fun and excitement at your fingertips with Dream Bingo, Boyle Bingo or Blue Square Bingo.

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Benefits of Playing Bingo Online

online bingoIt is a known fact that bingo is one of the favourite pastimes in the UK for young and old alike. Traditional bingos are played in casinos, Bingo halls, and clubs. With the arrival of Internet, it also got an important place in almost every home. Even though both online and traditional bingos are played in the same way, there are certain special features that give online bingo its own advantages.

Play Anywhere Anytime

If you have an Internet connection and are a member of a website that allows international players, you can play bingo from anywhere you like. It does not matter whether you are overseas on a holiday or business trip. You can still enjoy the benefits of playing online bingo. Moreover, you can play the game for free at specific times and earn cash. For example, Posh Bingo allows you to play in any of the three free rooms from 8.30am to 10pm and earn up to £300 in a day.

Play from the Comfort of Your Home and Socialise

Online bingo saves you from the crowded clubs and noisy pubs, but at the same time allows you to relax and play your favourite game from the comfort of your home. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced player, you will always find the right game that suits you. You can also receive additional support and advices through the chat room and become an expert player within a short period of time. The chat rooms available on Tasty Bingo can be used to stay connected with your existing friends or for making new friends.

Win Prizes and Jackpots

The competition among the online bingo websites is so high that you can find numerous ways to win jackpots and prizes. Joy carnival, Grab the cash, London eye jackpot, and £50 spend a penny are just a few examples of the offers from Red Bus Bingo website. In short, the incredible offers provided by the online bingo sites cannot be ignored.

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50,000 Pyramid 5 Reel Slots Game

50,000 Pyramid is a 5 reel slots machine which is also a free slot machine.  As a result, players can choose to play for fun rather than for real money.  This is one of the best free slots, available on many online gaming sites.  Of course, if you choose to play for real money, you can do that as well with a bet range from $0.01 to $5.00 per line bet and players can wager from one to five coins per pay line.

The 50,000 Pyramid Logo is the game’s wild symbol which can stand in for others in order to create more winning opportunities.

The Winner’s Circle symbols is the scatter symbol and can appear anywhere on the reels in order to create a winning combination.  When three or more appear on the same pull then the player is automatically taken to the Winners Circle Pyramid Bonus Feature.  This bonus round allows players to build up the number of free spins and the size of the multiplier.  All players begin with two free spins and a 1x multiplier, but then you begin clicking on the lowest level of the pyramid.  These boxes will reveal either a number of free spins or a multiplier boost.  Players keep picking until you run out of picks or hit the top of the pyramid.

After the bonus round is done, players go to the Free Spin Bonus Round to play out the free spins which have been earned.

This game also comes with an autospin feature where the machine will automatically spin the reels for you can sit back and let it do the work.

This is a very fun game which is based on a popular television game show.  It has a wide enough bet range to be popular with those who have a little to spend or a much larger bankroll.

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Pokie Players Make The Switch To Online Bingo Sites

During recent time their has been what can only be described as a major boom in online bingo. In the UK is is a fact that online bingo is more popular than ever before with online bingo becoming the most popular form of online gambling. Many of  the prime TV programs have an online bingo sponsor, with also the commercials breaks simply crammed with online bingo ads.

Over the last year or so their is no doubt the UK online bingo market has become saturated with now hundreds of online bingo operators fighting for new customers. This is of course great news for online bingo players and indeed online casino player.

Online casino players may think it is odd that the online bingo boom may benefit them but I will tell you why. Online bingo sites offer far more than just bingo. Most of the quality sites such as Virgin Bingo, Betfred Bingo and Littlewoods Bingo also offer  a great range of caisno games including all the very latest online slots. Even Sun Bingo now offer a range of online slots with massive jackpots. As there are so many online bingo sites fighting it out for new customers the bonuses on offer, many of which include free no deposit bonuses, are far better than those offered by online casino.

Many online casino players have made the smart decision to switch to online bingo sites simply to cash in on the great bonuses on offer. If you want to find the best bingo site to play your favourite casino games and of course online slots then simply use a search online bingo directory to find a site that suits you!

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